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We are Lesley and Robert Keen. We live in Stockport and have been breeding Burmese since 2000.
I became interested in breeding when I went to visit Paula Clarke’s kittens, at first with just the intention of buying a kitten as a pet.
But when I saw all those lovely kittens! It brought out the maternal instinct again, so I said I would love to do this. Paula, quite rightly, said she would have to get to know me better, so I met up with her quite a few more times and she allowed me to purchase a breeding queen, Karlac SkyBlue Princess. That is how it all started.

Gattini Lola Lavanda

I got my second breeding queen from Anna Catterick, Gattini Lola Lavanda.

They have both proved to be very good mothers producing litters with superb, loving temperaments and inheriting their mothers good looks.
See the kitten page for some pictures of their previous litters.

We now have two new breeding queens; a chocolate Burmese (Hausvald Ryeli) who answers to Purdy and a Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon. Her name is Dot Aisza, she answers to Rosie. They both have very good temperaments which we expect will pass on to their kittens. It is a well loved hobby.

Hausvald Ryeli
Dot Aisza

Although it is my hobby, without the co-operation of my husband, Robert, who is semi retired, I wouldn't be able to carry on with it.
I currently have a little job at an after school club. While the children were growing up I worked at United Biscuits on the evening shift, which fitted in very well with the school holidays. When I left there this gave me the time to have this hobby as it is quite time consuming but also so rewarding to see the kittens grow and develop their own little personalities and eventually go off to their new homes and bring pleasure to their new owners.

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