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Australian Mist

The Australian Mist Cat is a wholly Australian breed developed from Burmese, Abyssinians and Domestic shorthaired cats. Development of the breed started in 1977 and took 9 years for the breed to go from the Experimental Register to being accepted onto the Full Register. Originally only the spotted tabby coat pattern was accepted and the breed was known at ‘The Spotted Mist’, but in 1998 the Marbled (classic tabby pattern) also gained acceptance and the name changed to ‘The Australian Mist’. The Burmese provided the greatest input with 50% of the original genes, then the Abyssinians and Domestics 25% each. The Burmese gave the delicate coat colours, and between the Abyssinians and Domestics they provided the coat patterns, the Abyssinians also brought in the cinnamon coat colour which is known as Gold and Peach, being diluted form of cinnamon. The domestics provided a healthy dose of random bred genes.

The temperament of the Australian Mist Cat is delightful, the mix of the 3 breeds gives the Mists a laid back people loving purrsonality. They are great with children, fit into families well and are wonderful companions to both young and old, they integrate well with other pets.

Visually, they are a beautiful medium to large sized shorthaired cat. They have a beautiful facial expression which is gentle and open, with eye colours of delicate shades of green. They come in 6 coat colours Brown, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Gold and Peach. And of course the beautiful tabby coat patterns - Spotted and Marbled which have the appearance of being misted, as though you were looking at the cat through a net curtain.

Here is Lesjarokee Crystal Creek (Crystal) at the Merseyside Cat Club as a kitten at 5 months. She was awarded 1st, BOB, BOV Foreign and was on the Best in Show Row.
She is a Brown Marbled and is due her first litter very soon.

Click here to download the show results from Lesjarokee Crystal Creek, Lesjarokee MistMatilda (mum) and Gossamyst Yani Qlara (grandmother).

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