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The Burmese cat is very people orientated, wanting to be around you and involved in whatever their humans are doing. They have been described as the dog-cat, shadowing their owners every time they move.
They are heavier than they look and have good muscle tone, so when you pick them up you need to support their rear.
Their fur is short and lies flat and shiny.
Because they love company so much, if you are going to be out for long periods, it may be better to have two.

This is my foundation queen, Karlac SkyBlue Princess. She has had some lovely kittens, some of which can be seen on the previous kittens slideshow.
I would like to thank Paula Clarke of Karlac Burmese for trusting her into my care. Without Paula's trust and help I would never have got started and none of this would have been possible.

Karlac Skyblue Princess
Hausvald Ryeli

This is Purdy, our latest Burmese queen. Her pedigree name is Hausvald Ryeli. She came to me from Trish Smith in Norfolk. I would like to thank Trish for such a lovely girl and trusting her to my care.
She is a chocolate Burmese and melts, just like chocolate, when you touch her. She is named after Purdy's chocolate shop, one of our favourites!
Her father is Rumba Indigo and her mother is Angisan Twinkling Bijou. She has inherited her parents good looks, eyes and temperament.
Purdy is very promising, I expect her kittens to be very much like her and her siblings.
We are also planning to send her to stud in the Autumn, hopefully having Kittens in the new year, but as you know these thing do not always go to plan!

We are currently taking a break from breeding Burmese.

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