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Maine Coon

Arctic Circle

The Maine Coon is a very naturally hardy cat that is designed for colder climates.
Although a long haired cat their fur is pretty much low maintenance, it only requires brushing about once a week. Their coat is glossy and water resistant, being longer over the chest, belly and tail, which serves two purposes. Firstly, being to keep the body warm when in the snow and secondly, to give it a good ground spread to stop it sinking into the snow when lying down. The large tail provides a natural blanket on freezing cold nights and they have their very own snow shoes as they have furry tufts underneath to keep their paws warm. Their ears are also tufted to give them protection from driven snow.

They are known as the gentle giants. They can weigh between 15-20 pounds when they reach adulthood, which is usually around 4 years of age.
And if that isn't fantastic enough, they come in a variety of 64 colours.
They are very good natured cats and very intelligent. Don't let the fact that they choose to fool around mislead you, they are definitely not foolish!

This is our first Maine Coon queen, Rosie. Her pedigree name is Dot Aisza. She came to me from Beata Soczowka in Southend-on-Sea. I would like to thank Beata for such a lovely girl and trusting her into my care. Her mother is Ivette Faricoon *PL and her father is Ch Marhaba. They are both Red Classic Tabbies. She is a good specimen of the breed looking very much like her parents.
We are hoping to send her to stud towards the the end of the year, which could mean we might expect kittens sometime early in the new year - but as we all know plans can change.

Aisza Dot

This is Fantasia. She is Rosies daughter and is a Brown Tortie Classic Tabby & White.


This is our latest Maine Coon, Saffron. She is a Red silver and hopefully she will have her first litter early next year.

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